About the Team

 From the Left: TengFei, Xavier, Anthony, Kenny, Tommy, Timothy, YeeHowe and Arron
Potawatomi is the product of LAST5, a ragtag team from many courses banded together to make this awesomeness of a Junior year project. Below are listed all those who took part in the creation of this game.

Timothy Tham
Producer and Lead Graphics Programmer
Fall '10 RTIS
Things would never have gotten done as quick as they did without him around to "coerce" people to work their asses off.

Tommy Tan
Technical Lead and Lead Physics Programmer
Fall '10 RTIS
He made like 10 versions of the flame control. Seriously. Hats off to you.

Sin Yee Howe
Tools and Effects Programmer
Fall '10 RTIS
A particle effects lover, we always had to reign him in. BOOM! BANG! Flashiness ftw right?

Xavier Tan
Shaders and Graphics Programmer
The reason why the game is literally glowing. Things would have been alot duller without his stuff.

Anthony Goy
Gameplay Programmer
He joined us abit late, but it doesn't mean his contributions are any less!

Kenny Teo
Lead Game Designer and Artist
Fall '10 BAGD
Potawatomi and all its puzzly is mostly his brainchild. That, and the dozens of ideas we threw out before arriving on this one.

Arron Lan
Lead Artist and Game Designer
Fall '10 BAGD
Nearly everything you see on the screen came from the his hand. Bravo, mate. Can't imagine a Potawatomi without you.

Ngoo Teng Fei
Game Designer and Gameplay, Tools Programmer
Link between the worlds of design and engineering. Maker and master of this website. Hello World!

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