Sunday, September 30, 2012

Incredibly Great Feeling!

Great news! 

Potawatomi: The Keeper of Fire has been recognized at the Indie Games Festivals China as a Finalist in the student showcase! We are honored by this recognition of our effort that we have put into the game for the whole year. Thank you our players, playtesters, everyone at DigiPen Singapore, and the IGF judges for all your support! We will continue to work hard to make greater and more amazing games in the future!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Winningful Update!

Potawatomi has won the Best Game award against 5 other games in this year's project presentations. The other teams put up a very good show too! We are very happy indeed to receive this recognition of all our hard work put into the game through the years. We also congratulate the four other teams on finally reaching this milestone.

In other news...

There has been an update to our game! Download the latest copy here.  Bug fixes happened.
As usual, comments and feedback are welcome 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Its Alive!

Today is the day we've all been waiting for! The GOLD milestone for Potawatomi! Our baby is officially getting launched.

We are team LAST5, a junior year team at DigiPen Institute of Technology and we are proud to present Potawatomi, a 3d Isometric Puzzle game that will singe your hair and burn your brain! Play an intrepid guardian of a sacred flame who has lost that which he guard. Go through obstacles, malevolent and tricky enemies, and even the elements of nature itself to gain back the fire in the name of your deity!

To the right you will find more goodies, like screenshots and links to team details and whatnot. Enjoy the trailer video below!

Download the game here

Don't forget, your comments and feedback is valued We are students after all. Access the comment form here!

Screenshots 3

Even Moar Screenshots

Water, Air.. even the very Fire is arrayed against our brave hero.

The torches will open the way!

He reaches the end!

Only bronze? Can you do better?

Screenshots 2!

Moar Screenshots!

Burn everything!

How would Potawatomi get pass all these enemies and obstacles? You decide!

Ah an oasis.. a nice place to take a break.. if not for that timer up there.

Potawatomi burnt to a crisp! OH the horror!



Introducing our hero: Potawatomi!

He commands fire to do his bidding.

And fight devious enemies

Dodge the incoming flames!